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Overall, I had an easy time making a reservation.
Overall, I was satisfied with my check-in experience.
The tent was clean upon arrival.
I had a great first impression of the property.
The grounds were maintained to my satisfaction.
Overall, I was satisfied with the resort property experience.
Overall, I received superior value from this resort experience.
Overall, the staff provided superior service throughout my stay.
I am likely to recommend Wahwahtaysee Resort to others.
On a return visit to this area, I would choose to stay at this resort.
Thank you for taking your time to provide valuable feedback. Our goal is to provide the best possible experience for our guests, and your feedback helps us constantly improve. Please let us know areas where we can improve. Additionally, we plan to grow and expand our resort in the near future. We would love to hear your ideas on what you'd like to see at Wahwahtaysee Resort (more lodging, resort swimming pool, community lodge, etc.!)