WAHWAHTAYSEE means “FIREFLY” in the Chippewa language.

The fascination with the firefly is one that does not fade no matter how old we get. The flit of light they bring to a field at dusk is a tiny reminder of how enchanting life can be, one that we don’t want to fade. So we capture it, but why? Is it simply to capture the light in a jar, or are we seeking to capture the magic for a little while longer, allowing us the luxury to awe at its glow from a comfortable distance.

Wahwahtaysee Resort was created with this same idea in mind. The adventure of nature has been given to us as a gift. It is something that can and should be enjoyed. Our family has built Wahwahtaysee to allow you to revel in the beauty of the star filled Texas sky with the sound of the San Marcos river at your door, all while surrounded by the comforts of a luxury hotel. We built this resort as a family, so that you and your family might get to experience the magic of the Texas country.

Think of Wahwahtaysee Resort for what it is, a tiny reminder of how enchanting life can be, if you only remember to seek it out.

Capture the Light at Wahwahtaysee Resort.